Streetwise Performers in Cardiff Rehearsing at the Huggard Centre

The second week of rehearsals for the group’s first ever local performance at Chapter in Cardiff, 12 December 2013. They’ll be performing after a screening of Streetwise Opera’s latest film opera production, The Answer to Everything.

Streetwise Opera uses music to help people who’ve experienced homelessness make positive changes in their lives.

Making ‘The Answer to Everything’

Behind the scenes of Streetwise Opera’s 10th anniversary film opera production ‘The Answer to Everything’. Documentary by Matan Rochlitz.

U.S. Homeless Veteran Gets a Makeover

This timelapse video shows the transformation of a U.S. veteran and his reaction to his amazing makeover.

Update on Jim: Jim voluntarily entered a a three month rehabilitation clinic (donated free of charge!)  to help work on his sobriety.  He also has a dozen job offers, and will have his dental care completely revamped by dentists who have agreed to donate their services.






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