JustGiving to Drop Fees for Smallest Charities


JustGiving has announced that it will be dropping the monthly fees for small charities later this year, whilst increasing those for its largest charity users in the first update to monthly membership prices since its launch in 2001.

’s new ‘fair pricing policy’ fixes the monthly fee for mid-size charities at £15, while charities raising more than £15,000 a year on the platform will now pay £39 a month. This will enable to create a basic, free option for very small charities later this year. The transaction fee on donations (2-5%, based on annual volumes) will remain unchanged.

According to JustGiving, the pricing change will not affect the majority of charities using the platform, with the monthly membership fee for mid-size charities to be frozen at £15 and only those raising more than £15,000 a year via the platform seeing an increase.

Charities will see the change reflected in their September invoices.

Anne-Marie Huby, co-founder and MD of JustGiving said:

“Charities raise more money on JustGiving thanks to our continued investment in new products and services for the benefit of the sector. We will continue to reinvest all income into technology and service improvements, to help charities raise even more money and open up our platform to thousands more small charities, at no upfront cost, later this year.”





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