Employee Benefits

Huggard’s greatest resource is its staff team and therefore strives to ensure that staff are treated well and rewarded properly for the work that they do. All staff are encouraged to bring any worries or concerns that may affect their work to their line manager. Huggard is committed to treating any issues facing its staff seriously and will strive to work with staff to try and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

We want to treat all staff fairly and our policies and procedures, which can be found in our handbook both on the server and in the staff office, reflect this. We encourage staff to join a trade union of their choice who can offer staff a valuable range of benefits so that, should they ever need independent help or support, their union is also there to assist them. Unison can be contacted on 0800 171 2193 or at www.unison.org.uk. Unite can be contacted through www.unitetheunion.org.


Huggard recognises that staff need to be remunerated properly for the work that they do. Huggard is an accredited Living Wage Employer through the Living Wage Foundation. The Living wage is an hourly rate, in excess of the National Minimum Wage, that is set independently and updated annually. “The rate is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK and is enough to ensure that staff and their families can live free from poverty” (The Living wage Foundation).

For staff who are experiencing financial difficulty Huggard will try and be as supportive as possible and will seek to:

  • Provide advice relating to budgeting and managing debt.
  • Encourage staff to use the Cardiff Credit Union.
  • In cases of unexpected and temporary need, the Chief Exec may consider making a one-off salary advance.
  • In cases of unforeseen emergencies that will affect an individual’s ability to undertake their work then the Chief Exec, with the agreement of Huggard





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