Rules, Procedures and Standards for Volunteers

Essential Working Practices

  • Volunteers must not enter into personal or sexual relationships with a service user of Huggard.
  • Volunteers should not come into the work place under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Volunteers may not give a service user their personal address or telephone number. Furthermore, they should not invite them into their homes.
  • Volunteers must inform their appointed coordinator if they see or become aware of any individual within Huggard services who is being abused in any form by staff, volunteers or service users /clients.
  • In respect to confidentiality; all volunteers must follow the Confidentiality Policy used by Huggard and maintain client confidentiality.


  • Volunteers should treat service users with respect at all times. They will avoid the use of demeaning or stereotyping language at all times and will further avoid actions or language that reinforces negative or deriding attitudes in service users.
  • Volunteers should avoid sexist, racist, homophobic or xenophobic remarks at all times.
  • Volunteers must take into account the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of service users and other employees.

Personal Safety

  • Volunteers’ personal safety is paramount during any potentially volatile situations. During incidences of violence or aggression it is imperative for volunteers to stay out of range of the situation and immediately head for a place of safety avoiding any corners or isolated areas.
  • Volunteers should inform a member of staff immediately if they feel threatened at any time.
  • Volunteers must not engage in verbal argumentation with service users.
  • Volunteers should not attempt to restrain service users.
  • Volunteers must not attempt to administer first aid to service users. Should a volunteer encounter a situation where a service user may need first aid then they are to inform a member of staff immediately.
  • Volunteers are not to touch any discarded syringes but are to inform a member of staff of its location immediately.
  • Volunteers should exercise extreme caution when placing their hands into any hidden areas, e.g., client’s belongings the sides of chairs etc. as there is a likelihood of syringes to be placed in areas such as these.
  • Volunteers are advised not to put themselves in a vulnerable position by borrowing money or personal items from service users or lending money or personal items to them.
  • Volunteers must not purchase items from service users.
  • Volunteers must not use their personal bank accounts for the benefit of service users, e.g., they must not cash cheques.
  • Volunteers must be vigilant to ensure that their own possessions are not stolen from the workplace. Volunteers are strongly recommended not to bring any valuable items into the workplace.





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