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There are many ways friends of the Huggard can help us in the Spring of 2017. You can give directly (JUST ‘CLICK’ ON THE IMAGE ABOVE) or organise your own fundraising event to raise much-needed monies that will go directly to support the homeless and vulnerable.

Does your workplace have a Community raffle? Can your school, office, church or social group organise a cake or car boot sale? Can you put together a team of volunteers to raise cash to support Cardiff’s homeless through sleep-outs, half marathons etc?


There are many ways friends of the Huggard help us to continue offering premium services to our clients. Some donate their time as volunteers within the centre’s kitchen, although we do try to make such development opportunities available to our service users.

Our key areas of volunteer activity are:

• Kitchen Volunteer
• Development Team and Day Centre Volunteer
• Bond Board Volunteer
• Advocate Volunteer
• Substance Misuse Volunteer
• Administration Volunteer

Please follow the link HERE to fill out an application form online and submit. Huggard will then discuss with you how your particular knowledge, skills and experience can help our work.

Some people also offer their coaching experience in our sports & leisure activities and for others, it’s helping us feed the demand for the basics items such as disposable razors, socks etc.

Huggard DonationAny items that are donated to Huggard will help our work and the lives of Homeless people. Items donated may be used within the service or given directly to homeless and vulnerable people. We may also sell some items through our Ebay shop to raise money to support our frontline work.

Groups and individuals are always encouraged to arrange fundraising events such as cake sales, raffles or to take part in sponsored events etc to raise money for Huggard. You can easily set up an on-line sponsorship page at Cash gifts, either as a one off payment or as an ongoing amount can also be donated through

So whatever your situation, almost everyone is in a position to help the Huggard reach its ever more demanding needs.

Online Donations

Investing in technology can be too expensive and risky for many charities to seriously contemplate. When a supporter donates to the Huggard using they pass on 100% of your donation to your charity within days. They then reclaim an extra 25% for your charity in Gift Aid from HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs).

Justgiving LogoOnce has successfully reclaimed Gift Aid on your behalf, they deduct our 5% fee on each donation + Gift Aid (plus a card-processing fee of up to 1.3% for a credit card, charged by their partners Barclaycard and PayPal).

Over 8,000 charities are already using to raise more money, so whether it’s a ‘one-off’ gift, a monthly donation, a personal fundraising initiative or a sponsorship agreement, is a ‘one-stop’ solution to the Huggard’s donation needs.

How you can be an Angel for a Day

Do you know who helps Huggard to provide daily breakfasts, lunches and suppers for 100+ homeless people a day in Cardiff’s Huggard Centre or FareShare Cymru to redistribute surplus food in South Wales to address the very real and pressing issue of food poverty?

You do. . . . . . . . . .

Huggard-Angel-Logo-MasterThat’s because here at both Huggard and FareShare Cymru we rely on the fantastic support of members of the public, community groups, workplaces, church groups and corporates to maintain the sustainability of our services and to continue to meet the basic needs of vulnerable people.

Go on, be an Angel!

Huggard and FareShare Cymru have teamed up to provide you with a special choice of vital projects to invest in.

Our Angel for a Day campaign encourages supporters to find a way to raise a minimum donation of £250 to support either the Huggard Centre kitchen, within Huggard’s day centre for homeless people in the centre of Cardiff, or the FareShare Cymru depot for a specific day.

Raising the money can be a team building exercise in itself and how a group goes about this is entirely up to them. We would be happy to promote any exciting or fun initiatives in raising your donation.

The group chooses the day it wants to sponsor (subject to availability) and, once the donation has been raised, will be awarded a certificate for being an Angel for a Day in supporting the Huggard Centre kitchen, helping to feed homeless people in Cardiff or in supporting the FareShare Cymru depot in redistributing surplus food to address food poverty in South Wales.

The fun doesn’t have to end there… If a group wants to have some hands-on involvement, they can send a small group of volunteers to the Huggard Centre or the FareShare Cymru depot on the sponsored day to help out and have photos, publicity etc.

We know that £250 is a lot for many people, but when individuals come together with families, neighbours, workmates or classmates, anything is possible.

To enquire about available dates please click HERE

Corporate Funding

A corporate partnership with Huggard can help promote your company and help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Huggard Receives a Signed Football Shirt from Cardiff BluebirdsBy supporting us, your company will be helping us connect with disadvantaged, vulnerable people throughout South Wales. Businesses provide hugely important funds for us but also help us raise Huggard’s profile in the local community.

Supporting a local charity can have huge benefits for your organisation including employee engagement and team building, as well as building your company’s profile and perceived value with the public.

There are many other opportunities to support the Huggard that are posted on our Facebook page on a regular basis. They cover sponsorship, to events or just a simple ‘call-out’ for cups and towels, become a ‘friend’ of the Huggard to have them posted on your wall/timeline.

Huggard Cafe

Customers at Huggard Cafe always make a tangible difference by actively supporting ethical trading, helping homeless people gain new skills that lead to real employment opportunities with life changing consequences and fund the wider work of Huggard within the local Cardiff community and outlying areas. Do you want to make a difference? Maybe it’s time for a cup of coffee!

Customers at Cafe ‘H’ make a tangible difference by:HUGGARD External Sign Visual

• Supporting Ethical Trading
• Helping homeless people gain new skills that lead to real employment
• Helping to sustain vulnerable and single homeless people at the most basic level
• Contributing to the funding of the wider work of Huggard within Cardiff

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR LOYALTY CARD: Cafe ‘H’ believes it‘s time to develop the benefits of your loyalty card by increasing the range of gifts you can offer to the homeless and vulnerable utilising Huggard Centre’s services.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE: Since our opening, Cafe ‘H’ has been supplying a much appreciated free meal to client’s using our facilities for every 10 cups of coffee bought by Café ‘H’ customers.
We are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to choose between a meal for one person or to donate five cups of coffee to five individuals from within the Huggard community.

SUSPENDED COFFEE / MEAL: In addition to your personal loyalty card benefit, you can now invest in a suspended coffee or meal. These gifts are then held in suspension until someone is allocated the donation through the means of a voucher by a Huggard member of staff. These requests/allocations will always be considered on a ‘most needy’ basis.

DONATIONS: Any person wishing to make a small donation (toiletries, small packages etc.) can drop it into Café ‘H’ rather than go to our Huggard Centre reception; as a thank you for your kindness, you’ll receive a free cup of Espresso to enjoy as a take away or just relax in our beautiful space and take in the atmosphere. It’s your choice how you ‘MAKE THE DIFFERENCE’.

Click HERE to find out more about Cafe ‘H’

Donation of Goods

Any items that are donated to Huggard will help our work and the lives of Homeless people. Donated items may be used within the service or given directly to homeless and vulnerable people.

Some premium items may be used in our social enterprise online store, which is staffed by volunteer clients of The Huggard centre,

Web Link:

All proceeds are invested in helping our Clients, Residents and Tenants of Huggard.

 • Clothing: We have a constant need for socks and pants.  APART FROM THE ABOVE ITEMS, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CLOTHES AT THE MOMENT

• Bedding and TowelsSleeping bags, Pillows, Quilts and towels: We are always in need of these. WE CANNOT ACCEPT BEDSHEETS, BED LINEN, PILLOWCASES OR DUVET COVERS.

• Toiletries: Small toiletry items are always in great demand. These include toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and sanitary products.
• Kitchenware: Plates, mugs and cutlery are always in short supply.
• Food: Donations of food, particularly tinned and dried produce, including tea and coffee, are most welcome. Not only does this help us to provide a balanced diet to homeless people, it also enables us to provide vital food parcels to ‘those in need’. If your church, school or community group holds a harvest collection, please consider the homeless and donate the produce to Huggard.
• Furniture and White Goods: Due to our basement storage constraints at the present time, are only accepted after a specific ‘Call Out’ through our Facebook page when housing our clients in the private sector.

We would appreciate an e-mail with attached photographs to assess the suitability of your donations and to aid allocation.

Key Contact:

We can only accept donations 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Please contact us before arriving on Hansen Street to avoid any inconvenience.

Small donations can be handed in at our coffee shop – Café ‘H’; you will receive an Espresso as a thank you for your kindness. Café ‘H’ is open between 07.00 and 16.00, Monday to Friday. PLEASE SEE THE MAP/PLAN PROVIDED – ‘CIRCLED AREA’.

Huggard Centre, Huggard Buildings, Hansen Street, Cardiff CF10 5DW


Larger donations need to be delivered to Huggard Centre / Reception which is open from 08.30 until 19.30, 365 days of the year. (MAP/PLAN, TOP MIDDLE YELLOW ARROW).






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