Cafe ‘H’

Cafe 'H' - Printed=literature


Cafe 'H'-Packaging-Image‘Café H’, since it opened in June 2014, has offered a warm, welcoming venue and unrivalled quality of service, ethical trade resourced beverages and food.

Members of the public will be wowed by the whole experience in the sure knowledge that their custom is helping people who have experienced homelessness back onto their feet and into work.

All profits from the Café will carry on contributing to Huggard’s work with homeless and vulnerable people in Cardiff and the surrounding area.


Here are some 3D renderings of our Cafe space. The colourways and graphics for the finished design are completely revised. These images are purely to represent hard surface areas, counter, seating, ceiling lighting etc.

We are in the process of photographing  Café ‘H’ in all its glory.

Cafe 'H'-T Shirt MockUpOne of our T-Shirt designs for staff of the Huggard Cafe. T-Shirts may be available to the public through an online supplier.










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