Cafe ‘H’ Near Completion

Cafe 'H' Near Completion

Café ‘H’ nearing completion. Never has there been a more important time for Huggard to generate income to support services for homeless people.

With further cuts to funding in the forthcoming year, it is hoped that Café ‘H’ will help to pay for… vital services for homeless people in Cardiff.  Between November and the end of March, Huggard sheltered 370 street homeless people in its emergency overnight shelter. Despite a significant proportion of these (56%) moving on from services to travel away.

Huggard, working in partnership with the Gateway Project, helped to find accommodation for 136 individuals who have now left the street behind and are rebuilding their lives. The contribution that Café H will make will not only help to fund vital services but will also help people who have experienced homelessness rebuild their lives by providing high quality training and work experience. Opening date coming soon!






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