Bond Board


Huggard’s Bond Board helps single homeless people to access private rented accommodation through the provision of a rent deposit guarantee to landlords.

This eliminates the need for an individual with minimal resources to find a large lump sum to secure private residential accommodation. The Bond Board makes it possible for 150+ people a year to move into private, sustainable accommodation within the Cardiff Area.

Bond-Board-LogoPeople benefitting from this scheme include tenants of Huggard low support housing and residents of other frontline organisations, such as the YMCA. Members of the public are also able to access this service through our ‘drop-in’ surgeries between 09.00 and 12.00 weekdays.

The Bond Board, works with landlords and support providers, including Cardiff’s Tenant Support Team, to help ensure the long term success of any tenancy and maintain sustainability within the local community. For futher information go to our CONTACT page.





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