What is Client Engagement?

Client: a person who uses the services and facilities at Huggard.

Engagement: the act of becoming involved with activities, a person or an organisation.

As such in the context of Huggard, Client Engagement can be defined as activities, which involve our clients and service users in Huggard; and seeks to create impacts and move the clients to positive outcomes.

Huggard-Day-Centre-Kitchen-VolunteerThis is relevant on a macro and a micro level. On a macro level it means that we ensure that we do all that is possible to build sustainable relationships between the organisation and our clients.

‘Huggard’s client database has made a huge difference to the way in which we can engage with our clients’.

When an individual or team works with someone, the details of what has been done is entered onto the database. The next person can build upon this work rather than start from scratch each time.

Being able to build information about our clients helps us to better work with them and helps them to feel that we are working effectively to help them overcome homelessness’.

We need to ensure that from the moment a person first makes contact with Huggard; right through to when our services are no longer needed; that we ensure that we do all we can to engage with the individual, and through doing so improve their life-chances.

‘This means that our servicers need to be relevant and attractive to our clients’.

In the same way we need to recognise that Huggard provides a large portfolio of services, and whilst these all contribute to the overall proposition of creating an engaging organisation, each service in its own right needs to engage clients. We need to ensure that each service does all it can to be available to all those who would benefit from it, and addresses the needs of clients.

As such client engagement is a cross cutting theme. It is something that we all have a responsibility to ensure we build into our way of working.

Client Engagement needs to be considered not just when delivering services; but also when making decisions about the organisation and how it develops and is managed.





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