Client Engagement – What Are The Benefits?

For Clients

  • Ensures that Huggard’s services are available and accessible to all who need them, and are eligible for them
  • Ensures availability and access to a full range of services
  • Through engagement with services the ability to address a broad range of barriers to personal development, not just housing. These may include drug and alcohol use, institutionalisation, negative life experiences, poor mental and physical health and education
  • Improves the quality, depth and appropriateness of support offered to clients on an individual basis
  • The ability to inform the design of services to meet additional needs and to stimulate interest
  • Builds respect and understanding between staff and clients
  • Improved environment for all
  • Through engaging all clients we ensure that our services are inclusive to all

For Volunteers

  • Increases volunteer opportunities as roles developed to support new initiatives
  • Improved relationships between clients and volunteers
  • Improved relationships between staff and volunteers
  • Improved environment for all FOR STAFF
  • A greater interaction with clients
  • Greater opportunities to address negative behaviour demonstrated by clients
  • Increased opportunities to deliver significant change for clients
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Diversity of tasks within job role
  • Greater respect from clients
  • Improved environment
  • Opportunity for personal development through diversification of work activities
  • Increased staff morale
  • Improved environment for all
  • Increased respect from both clients and other staff members.

For The Organisation

  • Improved environment
  • Improved outcomes for clients
  • Fulfilling, rewarding and dynamic place to work
  • Improved ‘market-positioning’
  • Sustained funding





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