Team Commitments


In the development of this Toolkit, discussion groups were convened with different job families. The
structure of the discussions looked at how engagement could be improved – focusing on elements that are within the control of Huggard/ Individual Staff Teams.

Moving forward staff teams made a number of commitments to support client engagement.

Day Centre

  • To introduce a range of activities into the day centre. Activities should follow a structured
    timetable. Staff felt in a position to deliver activities so long as capacity issues could be addressed –
    potential activities include Film Nights, Bingo, Music, BBQ’s, cards and games.

Activities Should:

  • Have the potential to be accessible to all clients and delivered on both the wet and dry side
  • Have the potential to reduce rates of drinking & substance misuse as there are restrictions on
    levels on intoxication for participation
  • Link into the banning policy – offering the potential to withdraw activities prior to banning from the centre; thus offering scales of removal of services
  • To develop the use of volunteering within the day centre.

Potential Roles to be Undertaken by Volunteers:

  • Reception and Administration – handling post; dealing with phone enquiries; low-support client enquiries i.e. request for basic information
  • Support volunteers – spending time in the day centre engaging with clients through conversation, playing card games etc. these volunteers will be trained to recognise key issues, and be able to refer to trained staff within Huggard
  • Specialist activity volunteers: using volunteers who have knowledge/experience/skills in a
    certain activity that can be delivered for the benefit of clients.
  • Work to support outreach activities to engage with street homeless that are not engaging with Huggard
  • To spend more time as a staff team working with clients rather than in the office. There was a
    particular need identified to build up a better/quicker knowledge of clients who are new users of Huggard.

Night Workers:

  • To create an immediately available resource of blankets and information to be made immediately available those seeking shelter at Huggard at night, but who are unable to be accommodated due to capacity issues. Information to include information on the Housing options Centre and the Bus Use quiet times during the night to support other client engagement initiatives.
  • This can include
  • refreshing notice boards and creation of information resources
  • Ensure a handover takes place between day staff/night staff at each shift change to hand over
    priority information
  • To spend time supporting clients where appropriate with less complex enquiries, negating
    referring to other staff team and potentially ‘loosing the moment’ with the client. Key Workers
  • To deliver a new varied style of key working, looking at balancing structured in-house sessions
    with taking clients away from the centre, utilisation of coffee shops, public spaces etc.
  • To develop more group activities, in and out of the centre, for hostel residents
  • Use peer support to motivate those clients that don’t want to engage and role model success
  • Recognise that the primary objective of the role is client engagement, rather than facilities





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