Client Engagement – Strategy


2.1  To ensure that our commitment to client engagement and consultation is implemented in practical, relevant ways in Huggard have established a Client Engagement Working Group (CEWG) to oversee our service user participation plans and activities.

2.2  The CEWG is tasked to produce an annual Client Engagement Strategy which is presented to the Management Committee for approval and which describes how we will implement this policy.

2.3  The CEWG will review and update the Strategy each year with full consultation being carried out with our service users. The Strategy will be published on our website and copies will be available to anyone who asks for one.

2.4  The Strategy describes the action we propose to take under the following headings:

  • keeping service users informed – through providing good quality, accurate, up to date and easily understood information, use of notice boards etc.
  • providing a variety of ways for clients to make their views known to us – from major satisfaction surveys to individual meetings and discussions.
  • consulting with clients on a range of relevant issues, through a variety of techniques raising awareness of the opportunities for clients to participate in our activities
  • encouraging the setting up of groups focussing on specific issues, or general client or residents groups, and supporting them in practical ways
  • providing training opportunities for clients interested in becoming more involved with our activities.





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