Client Engagement – Policy



1.1  Our aim is to ensure that all of our service users are as well-informed about our activities as
possible and that they have the opportunity to be as involved as they wish to be in our decision- making

1.2  We are therefore committed to promoting Client Engagement in the development and provision of
Huggard services. Client Engagement can be defined in several ways and we have chosen to define it as

1.3  Client Engagement is about users of Huggard services accessing those services and influencing
the decisions that we take about our policies and services. It is a two-way process involving the sharing
of information, ideas and plans.

It Gives an Opportunity to Empower Clients and Makes Us More Accountable:

  • To treat all visitors, staff, volunteers and our neighbours with respect Working Practices…
  • Staff strive to work to the highest standards at all times and demonstrate a caring and
    professional approach to their work.

Personal Safety:

  • All staff take responsibility for maintaining and promoting the safety of staff, service users
    and visitors.


  • All staff are responsible for good communication across Huggard.

1.4  We recognise that ‘engagement’, or ‘taking part’, will mean different things to different people
– ranging from simply providing the information that service users need about our services in a way that
can be easily understood, to service users sharing in the management and control of our activities.

1.5  This policy describes our general arrangements for promoting client consultation, participation
and engagement.





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