Client Engagement & Management

Client engagement is, as we have discussed, the responsibility of all those at Huggard. However those that have responsibility for management of programmes, staff or volunteers need to think about how client engagement can be incorporated into this.

Obviously at a senior management and trustee level this includes establishing the organisational strategy, and the impact that this has on client engagement – but for all with management responsibility there is a need for certain considerations and commitments.

These Include:

  • Considering the impact that new programmes, or ways of working may have on client engagement
  • Ensuring that clients have the opportunity to feedback on their experiences of Huggard, and that this evaluation is reviewed and acted upon
  • Reviewing measures that have been taken to improve client engagement with staff teams, through team meetings, 1-2-1 team meetings and appraisals.
  • Monitoring and communicating the relationship between better engagement and positive outcomes for clients

Equally all staff are in a position to discuss with their managers at any time how they perceive that any management decisions affect client engagement, and any personal actions that are proposed to improve client engagement.

Client Participation

This toolkit has concentrated so far on the roles that staff teams can play in order to ensure that

‘Client Engagement is central to many to the operations of Huggard’.

Equally important is ensuring that opportunities exist for clients to participate in decisions relating to how the organisation is run, and how service provision develops.

It is important that these mechanisms are constant and are seen to generate results and therefore as processes are held in respect by clients. These are formalised in the Client Engagement Policy at the end of this document.

In Summary the Main Elements for Client Engagement in Huggard Are:

  • Suggestion Boxes: within the day centre, hostel and houses
  • You Said / We Did Boards: feeding back from the suggestion boxes
  • Hostel Residents meeting
  • House Meetings
  • Day Centre meetings
  • Client Engagement Forum

In addition to these formalised processes, clients should have the on-going opportunity to feedback on experiences through sessional evaluations.

‘These should be offered on a regular basis after development sessions and support sessions
offered via group work or through 1-2-1 support’.





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