Client Engagement – Client Charter


What Clients Can Expect From Huggard:

  • To be treated with respect at all times
  • To be listened to
  • To be able to access available and relevant services or be signposted to other services as
  • An environment that aims to be:
    • Welcoming and friendly
    • Open to those who need and use it appropriately
    • Free from violence, aggression, bullying and fear
    • Clean

What Huggard Expects From Clients:

  • To treat all visitors, staff, volunteers and our neighbours with respect
  • Not to inappropriately buy or sell anything to other visitors within the vicinity of the centre
  • Not to drink, loiter or beg on nearby streets
  • To behave appropriately at all times and to comply with requests from staff to change your
    behaviour if it is felt that it is, or could, cause a problem
  • To report any aggressive or threatening behaviour to staff and NOT to respond or retaliate
  • To report any concerns that you may have to a member of staff so that we can improve our service and deal with any problems before they get out of hand.





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